Monday, December 1, 2008

Time Is Moving On

It is December - I cannot believe how quickly the calendar months fly by. I still wonder about God's perspective on time. He made the days, the months, and the seasons, and He determined their lengths. So why do I always feel that some time periods are much too short; others are much too long? Where/what do I misunderstand about God's timing? I pray that while I am still on this earth, I will begin to live in rhythm to the time and seasons that God gives to us. I want to enjoy each day on its own merit, to be glad for each new season, to embrace each coming year with eagerness and expectation. May God grant me His eyes to see my days from His perspective.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seeing the Hand of God

I want to occupy my days watching for the hand of God. This isn't quite as lofty as it sounds, for God goes before me and behind me. He is in all I do. If I look, I can see His hand as I rise from my sleep. He gives me the nighttime to restore my mind and body; He also gives me the gift of a new day. If I stop to think as I sip my coffee, I can delight in the plants He created which provide my food and drink. As I dress, I am reminded of His abundant provision for me. The food I eat, the work I do, the conversations I have - all are from His hand.

When I stop and think of the small aspects of life that make up my day, I see His involvement in all of it. I want to be aware of Him as I carry on with my daily responsibilities. While God may reveal Himself and teach us through significant events, I don't want to miss Him in the ordinary, common moments of life.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The New Year

January 1 -

To me the beginning of a new year feels like waking up early in the morning to discover that it has snowed during the night. As of yet, there are no footprints through the snow. The surface is smooth and glistening. The white blanket of snow covers the imperfections in the landscape. It muffles the early morning noises. All is calm; all is quiet. What to do? make an angel in the snow...a snowman...a snow cave? or stay inside, sipping my first cup of coffee, watching the birds fly from treetop to treetop? The beauty inspires me. My mind begins to dream - a good way to begin a new year.