Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trusting in Him

In Paul Tripp's book Broken-Down House he has an insightful passage about God's sovereignty and our desire to understand what is going on in our lives. Though the following passage is lengthy, I believe it is worth quoting.

God's sovereignty will inevitably take you where you did not intend to go. He will bless you with things you could not possibly have earned or achieved. But God will also choose for you to go through things that are difficult, and to endure things that are painful. In those moments - some of which may stretch into quite lengthy seasons - you will be tempted to question his wisdom, or his love, or both...

To question the love of him who died for us is a testimony to our own frailty. To question the wisdom of the One in whom all things hold together is a testimony to our own foolishness...

It is not a sin to desire to understand. Your rationality is a gift of your Creator. Your ability to reason, analyze, interpret, organize, and explain is one of the things that sets you apart from the rest of creation. You should endeavor to know everything you can about God, his character, and his plan for the world and the people he has placed in it. Yet you cannot allow the analytical power of your mind to be the source of your hope, confidence, and continuance.

This is why real rest and peace is not found in knowing and understanding. It is only found in trust. Only when you have a quiet confidence in the Lord behind the plan and have come to know his love, wisdom, power, and grace, will you be able to rest in hope - even when you do not understand what God is doing in a particular moment in your life." p 57-58.

All too often I desire for God to explain to me why I am going through a difficulty. Tripp reminds me that I am not called to rest in understanding - but to rest in Him alone. No wonder Jesus calls us to childlike faith - to trust in our Heavenly Father who is at work, exercising His sovereign plan. God, grant me that childlike faith and trust in You.