Tuesday, January 26, 2010

As with many of you, I have struggled these last two weeks to comprehend all that those in Haiti are enduring. So much heart ache...so much destruction...so much death. And I wonder - is there anything I can do? Is there any way to help? I wonder how will they rebuild their houses, their communities, their lives?

There is some good news - stories of those who have been rescued, stories of buildings that were not crushed, stories of volunteers who have gone to help.

But I am also waiting to hear the news of others. Two weeks is a long time in all that rubble. Is it even possible to survive? Yet even today someone was pulled out alive. So hope remains. Yet fears continue. And in the midst of the waiting, daily life goes on.

It seems that in times of tragedy we should somehow be exempt from daily life. I need to teach about antecedents right now? Really? What does it matter? What matters is that all that concrete is lifted off the people. What matters is that families receive back their loved ones.

But I am here, and today I must carry on with the responsibilities I have. But I must send my prayers there. I can pray for strength for the rescue workers, fortitude for those who are trapped, hope for the families who wait.

I will pray, I will watch, and I will wait.